Current TAT: 3 Business Days for RTS Items | 14 Business Days on Samplers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Your Shipping Policy?

The current turnaround time for all ready-to-ship products is 3 business days. Custom orders and sample packs generally have a 14 business day turnaround time, but please check the individual listing for more details. 

All shipping is weight based.

Where Can I Buy Items in Person?

We have two vendor booths in Henderson. We are the first booth when you walk in All Peddlers in Henderson, KY. We also have a glass case of items at Finders Keepers in Henderson, KY. The first weekend of the month, we sell in person in Evansville, IN at the Big E on Vann Ave.

Something I like is out of stock. Can I make a custom order?

Custom orders are available during certain times of the year. If customs are open, we only list items that we can make with the supplies we have on hand. This improves turnaround time. You can place a request, but we will not make the items available until the supplies have been shipped to us. Requests are not a guarantee that the product will be made and will be considered on an individual basis.

Can I Pre-Order a Product?

None of our products are made on a pre-order basis. When custom orders are open, I try to offer a speedy turnaround of 14 days or less. Again, custom orders are only available when I already have the supplies on hand and ample time to fulfill orders. This is to reduce wait times and simplify the order process.

Does Your Wax Need to Cure?

All ready-to-ship items are ready to use when they arrive. Samples and customs are ready to melt about one week after arrival.

Where Can I Go to Talk about Wax?

Galactic Phoenix Boutique has an awesome Facebook group and an Instagram account. Feel free to post pictures, ask questions, or participate in polls/giveaways/posts/ect.  Anyone is welcome.