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Website Changes, Wax Cups, and Customs Yay!

Posted by Theresa Neal on

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend. I am working hard to get everything up and running on the new website. I chose to switch over to Shopify because it will allow me to include more items and has a bit more flexibility than Etsy long term. It also will allow for regular blogging, so you will get to hear from me a bit more often!

Current Restock Information

The Etsy shop is still up and running, but I won't be putting new merchandise on it. I will be working on a restock for October 6th, which will take place on the Shopify site. There will be several new items being added here ahead of time though. While I may not have been very active on social media these past few weeks, I have still been making plenty of wax!

Wax Cups or Scent Shots? Actually, both!

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed two different designs pop up. The first are basic wax cups. I chose these square containers because they are designed to be reusable. I tested them and a regular #5 cup and both held fragrance equally. Since I prefer to use items that can be re-purposed and they cost about the same, I chose the squares.

There will be a mix of RTS and custom options available for the cups. Right now, everything available is mica based, but I have more oil-based candle dyes headed my way. This means that when customs are open, you will be able to get colorless, dye-based (for easier cleanup), or mica-based (for more colors and sparklies). 

One other thing that I am working hard on is the Scent Shot Theme Set. These are shotglass-shaped wax melts colored with mica. There will be 5 fun scents in the set, with a few singles available. I am hoping to have them ready this week.

Customs Are Opening Back Up!

I don't do any preorders and have a very strict policy when it comes to customs. This is because I want to provide a very fast turnaround time and provide you with an excellent value. While I still have some very artsy designs available for custom orders, I will be offering basic designs (such as the cups) at a slightly lower price. Customs will only be available when I can provide a 7-day turnaround or less.


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