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Theresa's Top 5 Favorite Scents

Posted by Theresa Neal on


It’s never easy choosing a favorite scent. While my preferences change a little bit from season to season, there are a few that I keep going back to again and again.

Please note: Many of these scents are only made seasonally. It’s also incredibly difficult to narrow down a list, as I don’t make scents that I don’t personally like.

  1. Twisted (Lord of Misrule Type and Cannabis Rose blend)

While I do offer Compare to Lord of Misrule Type (Chaos) on it’s own, I always enjoy it more in blends and wax cocktails. Twisted has the nice earthiness of LoM type and the distinct black pepper note but adds a complex floral smell that compliments it nicely.

  1. Endora (Jeweled Fir Type)

Part of the Fall line and named after the character from Bewitched, this isn’t a typical wood scent. It’s light and sophisticated, making it great all year long. I’ve even used this fragrance in air fresheners, soaps, and shower steamers around the home – it’s just that good.

  1. Frosted Lime Cupcake

I only made this scent once and I will be bringing it back eventually. While I enjoy fruity and peaceful scents, bakery is always my favorite. Frosted lime cupcake has the tangy lime scents that I love (Lime is my favorite scent note) and adds a creamy vanilla note to it.

  1. Hold Me Close (Compare to Day of the Dead Type)

Speaking of lime, Hold Me Close was probably my favorite out of the fall lineup (though, again, I like everything so it would be a really close call). While the lime takes the spotlight in this fragrance, the neroli and frankincense notes make it really unique. It’s perfect for fall and Halloween, but I definitely have a few stashed away for the rest of the year.

  1. Secret Stash (Fruity Pebbles Type and Crème Brulee blend)

Secret Stash is one of the first blends that I made and it is still one of my favorites. The Fruity Pebbles type fragrance (and other cereal scents for that matter) tend to throw well throughout my home and the small amount of crème brulee adds a few warm notes to it. 


What is your favorite scent?


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