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Small Updates and More Inventory Incoming

Posted by Theresa Neal on

Last week (9/30/18 - 10/6/18) was a pretty busy week over here at Dank Stanks. Not only were we VotW in an awesome group, we launched our store and restocked!

New Products as of 10/6

Several new wax melts made their way into the inventory:

I still have a few more things I would like to get made, including restocking Killer Cornbread, One Last Summer Hootenanny, Hold Me Close, and Moonlit Sunset. Some of those are out of stock, but most are just on the low side. If you're waiting for one of them or would like a large quantity, please let me know and I will prioritize them this week.

Custom Orders are Open

I've reopened custom wax melt options. If you are interested in something other than what's listed, just send me a message :)

Where are the Aroma Beads?

I am still working on a good system for the beads. Each listing on Shopify has a limit of 100 variants/combinations, which is making the setup a bit difficult. It looks like I'm going to have to do one for each shape to fit the limit. Until I get it set up, feel free to use the Dank Stanks Etsy store. If you place an order on Etsy and here, I can still combine shipping and refund the difference .

When Will You Be Getting Christmas / Holiday Wax in?

I am still ordering supplies for the holidays. I am hoping to have everything up and ready November 1st or 2nd. I need to get a few more shapes and more seasonal scents yet.

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