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November 9th Restock and Fall Goodies

Posted by Theresa Neal on


First of all, I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween yesterday! I spent most of the day at home, preparing for the upcoming restock and finishing up some customs. :-) I also finally took a better picture of the scent shot set.

My house currently smells like a mix of fall and winter, which is quite lovely to say the least.

New Mystery 3-Packs

Among the sales and sets posted this week was the mystery 3-packs. I'm excited to do these because I LOVE making grab bags for people. While these are discounted (3 melts for $5), they are a mix of all kinds of things. I'm including current items, final batch items, and new items. Almost anything can be in these bags! I have included some extras in the bags that have already shipped out. You can find more details on those here

Is Fall Over?

One thing that I would really like to stress is that none of my fall items are in their final batch... yet. I will be making all I can of a few scents and updating quantities on November 9th. If there is a certain fall scent you are looking for and are afraid it will sell out, please feel free to message me.

November 9th Restock

I have several items prepped for the upcoming restock. If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen a few winter scents being made. So far, I have a peppermint scent, Rock Star type, Yog Nog type, and one more winter scent. I'm planning on making at least 6 more and creating a Sampler Set, so this restock will be pretty big.

The customs options may also expand a little bit in the near future, as I got a bunch of new fragrances in and will likely order more shortly.

That's all the updates I have for now! I hope everyone has an exciting rest of the week!


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