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It's the Holidays

Posted by Theresa Neal on

Hi everyone! It's that time of year again! So exciting!

Holiday Plans

Last year, I spent the holidays in Alabama. This year, I will be traveling up to Indiana for a week to see family. I'm going to leave the shop open, but I won't be shipping for a few days (The post office isn't open most of the days I will be gone anyway). I will plan a little something for shoppers though. I'm just not sure what it will be yet.

What's New This Week

This past week was the week before my finals, so I had a lot of work to do outside of my normal classes. Trust me when I say it's been nuts! I still got packages out as quickly as possible (1 -2 business days) and I managed to make a few goodies that I posted about on my Instagram stories.

Sneak Peeks and In Progress Stuff

Speaking of Instagram stories, last week I asked about how people felt about posting in progress stuff. Everyone said they wanted to see what I was up to.

While I can't sell soaps and bath items just yet, I am going to start learning the ins and outs of making them. I've made soap in the past, but pulled it because I felt it was too close to being a cosmetic (Cosmetic manufacturing laws are stricter in Florida than other states - you cannot make them in a residential building). It's been my hope to expand for awhile now, and I'm hoping to grow in the bath direction within the next 6 months.

For those of you who missed the Instagram stories, I also asked about which item I should start making first - shower steamers or toilet bombs. Shower steamers won by one vote, but I had a bunch of people participate so the answers were almost 50/50. I decided to get the supplies for both, and I will be starting my shower steamer journey in a few days when everything gets to me.

What's In Store for Next Week?

While this week was a bit slow, I do have a few exciting things planned for the immediate future. I am spending my Sunday making a few new items. I will also be expanding the customs list sometime this week. Keep in mind that my customs are often slightly cheaper than my RTS items (All of my product prices reflect production costs, so they vary a bit). I'll also be doing a few more brittles and cups this week.

I hope everyone has a great first week of December!


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