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Dank Stanks Site Updates August 2020

Posted by Theresa on

Hello! Wow it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post – nearly a year! It’s been a pretty crazy year, so the site hasn’t been as active. I will be moving cross-country in the next few weeks, and I will have my own space and a decent size crafting area, so you can expect to see a lot more on the website soon.

What is Your 2020 Restock Schedule?

Currently, I am restocking the site as often as possible – putting merchandise up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (except when I am out of town). I may change back to an every-other-week restock once my move is completed. If you don't see a scent you are looking for, please feel free to send me a message.

Is Clamshell of the Month Coming Back?

Yes! I have a long list of planned scents so each month will be more like a mini-sampler (rather than a featured clamshell with random samples) In the next few weeks, I will make an official announcement. It all depends on how fast I move, get Internet access, and all those fun details.

What Is Your Moving Schedule?

If you have been following the Facebook group, you know my plans have changed a few times in the past year (due to things beyond my control). I am currently out of town until the beginning of August. The plan is to drive back to Orlando, pack, and then make the move to Evansville, IN on the 8th. I’ll make an announcement closer to the date to minimize downtime. Once I get to Evansville, I may not have Internet in the house right away, but I will make sure I have a means of shipping packages and keeping you updated!

Get Dank Stanks Wax Melts Restock Updates

The best way to stay informed on website is through the Facebook group. I tend to update that first!


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