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Complete Nov. 9th Restock List

Posted by Theresa Neal on

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, we restocked the store last night. While we still have some Halloween goodies up, the holidays are just around the corner. In addition to making more Hold Me Close, Killer Cornbread, and One Last Summer Hootenanny, I added 16 new holiday scents to the store!

Here is a list with scent breakdowns:

Handsome - Compare to Prince Charming Type

Happy Holidays - Apples, nectar, berries, orange, cinnamon, amber, and musk

Comfort Food - Cinnamon bread pudding scent

Santa's Eggnog - Compare to Yog Nog type

Country Daydream - Compare to French Lavender & Honey type

Drift Away - Citrus, greens, lavender, jasmine, woods, musk, and moss scents

Trim the Tree - Fruit, berry, musk, pine, and mistletoe scents

A Touch of Magic - Argan Magic Type + Aloe and Clover blend

Rustic Cabin - Coriander, snow, lavender, cedarwood, Baltic amber, cypress, wintergreen, vetiver, and mint leaf scents

Just Unwind - Compare to Sex Bomb type

Winter Getaway - Pear blossom, strawberry, kiwi, lemon, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, amber, and warm musk scents

Rockin Around - Compare to Rock Star type

Stocking Stuffers - Peppermint candy scent

Sweet Dreams - Compare to Vanilla Bean Noel Type

Snow Day - Cucumber melon scent

Cheerful - Florals, citrus, almond, and musk scents

Keep in mind that Dank Stanks isn't associated with Lush, BBW, or any other brand. Comparisons to other products are made to give you an idea of what the wax melt smells like.




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