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Clamshell of the Month Q&A

Posted by Theresa Neal on

So happy that Facebook and Instagram are back up! That was a long day yesterday! 

It's Spring Break for me, so I've had some serious time to dedicate to fixing site errors and doing research. It's been great! There are several exciting things going on during the end of this week!

What is the Clamshell of the Month?

Because I saw how much people loved the New Customer Special, I wanted to find a way to make it a regular thing. I love making small shapes and people love a good mystery! The Clamshell of the Month is a great way for both new and existing customers to get a great new scent and a few mysteries along with it!

March's Clamshell of the Month is "Butterscotch Baked Pears," It's a good combination of fruity and bakery. It's got the warm, comforting bakery notes and the refreshing fruity tones.

In the Clamshell of the Month pack, you'll also get some mystery shapes. Like the New Customer Special, you will be able to select all fruity, all bakery, or all mystery. The regular-size shape and samples you recieve will vary based on your selection.

What do you mean by "regular shape"?

The regular shape weighs about .6 to .8 oz. This month, I will be making cats. I will have three different kinds of scents available. The scents I am making will be available during the next restock.

How big are sample sizes and how do you pick them?

The sample sizes are between .2 and .5 ounces. They are similar to the New Customer Special.  There are several different possibilities that you can get when you order.

How Limited is the Clamshell of the Month?

Since this is the first time I am doing the Clamshell of the Month pack, it is going to be a limited run of 40. I may up the availability for next month depending on how quickly it sells out.

How will shipping work?

Shipping on the site is flat rate. The clamshell, mystery melt, and six samples will weigh about 8 oz packaged. It can be shipped first class or priority. You will be able to add other items to your order if you like.

Can I use a coupon?

Yes! The New Customer Special was a rare exception because it was already discounted.


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