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April Updates, Schedule and All That Fun Stuff

Posted by Theresa Neal on

Hi everyone! It's been a very busy past few weeks here! There are only a few more weeks left of school and I am making a lot of business plans. I decided to post the social media schedule here too so that you can see it :) 

This blog post will explain a little bit about everything that is coming during the month of April. Please keep in mind that once summer hits, we will be doing a lot more with the website <3

Lots of Live Streams

I decided to make a few regular live streams: one on the Facebook Page and one on the Instagram. While I usually post news as it happens on social media, it's easy to miss the important stuff. Aside from providing weekly updates, I'll also be selecting an item to melt during the stream and talk about. I'll answer a few common questions people have as well. 

The first live stream was on April 8th on the Facebook page and it was a lot of fun!

April Clamshell of the Month Preview

The March Clamshell of the Month was awesome to make. There are even a few packs still left! The pack will only be available until the 14th at midnight. Individual items (if there are any left) will be placed on the site.

April's Clamshell of the Month will be a limited run of 25, rather than 40 this time around. The pack will still be limited to one per person. I will be announcing the scent and mystery melt shape on the 11th, then posting the pack ready-to-ship on the 15th.

This isn't a subscription service.

When is the Next Restock?

The next restock date will be April 30th and I have already started making items for it. I postponed the restock because the 15th would be right before my finals, and I don't want to stretch myself too thin. I would rather have a big restock on the 30th :)


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don't be afraid to ask. Check out the Facebook Group too - we have a lot of fun there <3


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