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2019 Dank Stanks Restock Schedule / Weekly Updates

Posted by Theresa Neal on

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week. If you just started school this week like I did, welcome back!

It's A New Year

This year has started off on a great foot. We didn't just have one successful restock, we had two! A huge thank you to everyone who supported us. Every order, including customs, has been shipped well before the stated turnaround time. 

If you've been following me on social media, you may have seen a lack of pictures lately. Well, I went to take pictures for the 1/7/19 palm wax restock and noticed my lens cracked :( It's usable, but it can't really focus and I get a lot of light streaks. The restock was still posted as planned, and I was able to use my husband's camera this morning, so photos will be updating shortly.

The Sampler

One of the many items that I introduced on the first was the Sampler, a wax cup set based on one of my favorite TV shows of all time. 

This cup set includes:

  • Mmm... Something: Chocolate Brownie, Yog Nog Type, Vanilla Bean
  • Neat: Forever Red Type mixed with Grandma's Kitchen Type
  • Ay Caramba: Cracklin Birch Type mixed with Flowering Birchwood Type
  • Sax-a-ma-phone: White Tea, Pear, Artimis Type, and Autumn Breeze Type
  • Do It for Her: Honey I Washed the Kids Type mixed with Rose Jam Type

This is a limited run, so there were only a few singles available and we are down to our last 4 sets!

2019 Restock Schedule

Typically, I restock the store every two weeks with RTS wax melts. I don't often make palm wax melts, so palm wax restocks are typically quarterly unless I have something that goes particularly fast. I try to keep best sellers in stock, provided I have the fragrance to make them handy.

Because this is the first week back at school and we just restocked twice, I will resume pouring wax on Friday. This means that the next restock will be 1/25/19. Customs are still open if you don't find what you're looking for RTS. 

After this, we should be steadily restocking every-other Friday, with palm wax restocks every-other month. I will try to synchronize the schedule a little bit more. 

While the details are still being hammered out and finalized, I will be working hard to bring you more unique scent blends and fun shapes throughout the year!



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