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1 Year Anniversary / Jan. 1st Restock!

Posted by Theresa Neal on

Wow! It's hard to believe that Dank Stanks is officially 1 years old as of last night. (We have the easiest anniversary to remember!) Dank Stanks has come a long way within a single year, and we will continue to work hard in 2019.

This week has been very exciting, as we arn't just celebrating the New Year and our 1 year anniversary, we are also making some major changes!

Etsy Store Closing

Earlier today, I deactivated all of our listings on Etsy. From now on, we will only offer listings on our website. This will simplify listings and allow us to quickly expand. This will also reduce some overhead costs, so there will be price drops on a few items. Cups for example, will be $2.75 for RTS and $3 for customs. I'm slowly going through all listings on the website and revamping images, descriptions, and making things look all around better!

January 1st Restock List

We are already sold out of a few items (which I will make more of ASAP), but here is the full restock list:

  • Twisted - Scent Cup - Lord of Misrule Type and Cannabis Rose scents
  • Honey I am Taking a Rose Jam Bath - Brittle - Honey I Washed the Kids Type, Rose Jam Type, and Bathos Type
  • Peppermint S'Mores - Scent Cup - Peppermint Swirl mixed with Campfire S'Mores Type
  • Dessert Table - Sticky Licky Buns and Vanilla Bean Noel Type
  • Late Night - Small Leaves - Compare to Black Ice Type
  • Renewed - BrittleCompare to Citron Cedarwood Type 
  • Brand New Day - Scent Cup - Compare to Sultana Type
  • The Eraser - Large Leaf - Citrus Odor Eliminator type
  • Tranquil Bath - Scent Cup - Compare to Bathos Type
  • Retribution - Scent Cup - Compare to Karma Type
  • Whimsical - Bows - Compare to A Thousand Wishes Type

The Sampler was also made available. Keep in mind only a few sets will be produced. Each cup has a blend of scents so they are unique. The scents included are:

  • Mmm... Something: Chocolate Brownie, Yog Nog Type, Vanilla Bean
  • Neat: Forever Red Type mixed with Grandma's Kitchen Type
  • Ay Caramba: Cracklin Birch Type mixed with Flowering Birchwood Type
  • Sax-a-ma-phone: White Tea, Pear, Artemis Type, and Autumn Breeze Type
  • Do It for Her: Honey I Washed the Kids Type mixed with Rose Jam Type


I understand that a lot of the scents included in this restock were types, and I will be working on some new house blends for the near future. I like alternating between "types" and blends, so there is a good mix of scents and products on the site. Next restock will also be a palm wax restock.

What's In Store for 2019?

Aside from expanding the wax inventory as much as possible, I am working on perfecting my bath and body product making skills. As I mentioned before, I do live in Florida, which has much stricter cosmetic manufacturing laws than the rest of the United States. Therefore, I cannot legally make things like bath bombs, shower steamers, and some soaps out of my home. Cosmetics need to be produced in a commercial kitchen and registered in Florida. As soon as I have these details hammered out, I'll let you know :) 

In the meantime, watch my Instagram stories to see what I'm currently making. I try to update at least once per day!

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? Is there something you would like me to add to the website?

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk wax, don't be afraid to message me or join the Facebook group!


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